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Center Township has experienced considerable growth in the past 10 years. Along with this growth comes an increase in population, both residential and transient through the multitude of visitors to the many businesses which have established themselves within the township.  Along with this increase in population comes a need for more police services.  In light of this need, the department, along with the board of supervisors, has established the first K-9 Program for the Center Township Police Dept.
Our department has often experienced a need for services from a K-9 unit for various reasons, however the department has had to request this service from outside agencies. This causes inconvenience in both timely resolution of the matter at hand by waiting for an available agency to provide assistance, and in cost to the taxpayers, as the outside agencies have to be reimbursed for the services they provide. Having our own K-9 unit eliminates the need for assistance from outside agencies, and our K-9 unit is funded completely through donations, eliminating any cost to the taxpayer.
Our departments K-9 handler in Officer Jason Cindric. Officer Cindric has been with the department since 1999, and is a former Combat Engineer with the United States Marine Corps. Officer Cindric has had VERY extensive training in K-9 operations, and handling, and continues additional training every week with our K-9.

Officer Cindric works with his partner Ingo every day. Ingo is a 2 year old German Shephard, who has trained with Officer Cindric since the inception of our K-9 program. Ingo also receives continuous training in all aspects of his duties. Ingo is used in tracking of missing/fleeing persons, drug detection, dangerous searches, crowd disbursement, and general patrol. The job of a police K-9 is not just helpful, it is critical. The K-9 can perform tasks that a human officer or mechanical substitute could never do. The dogs keen senses can detect drugs, bombs or a number of other substances in ways a human officer could never begin to. The ability of a K-9 to chase and apprehend criminal suspects makes them invaluable to the force. These are advantages that Officer Cindric and Ingo provide our department every day.

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